DMB - 30

Standard Specification


▪ Steel frame
▪ Reducer driven gear system
▪ Top roll idle
▪ Top roll up and down movement by hand
▪ Bottom rolls fixed and powered

▪ Rolls and shafts are made of SAE 1050 quality steel

▪ Rolls and shafts are hardened and grinded

▪ Able to bend flat bars and box sections with standard rolls

▪ Standard rolls are interchangeable to adjust gap for bending

▪ Standard guide rolls

▪ Able to work both horizontal and vertical position

▪ Users manual book in English or Turkish

▪ CE certificate


Additional Accessories


▪ Pipe bending rolls for different sizes
▪ Angle bending rolls (leg in and led out)
▪ Aluminium bending rolls made of DELRIN
▪ Angle guide rolls
▪ C-S Benging attechment for wrought iron

▪ Bar twisting attechment for wrought iron



Dese Machine Pipe, Profile and Rebar Bending Machines:
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